26 Jul

Energy storage system

Energy storage system manufacturer Dynapower announced its participation in the new energy storage financing program. Dynapower will work with Lease Corporation of America to provide financing for system integrators and energy storage system buyers.steel c profile manufacturer

New energy storage financing includes equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and training costs – up to $1 million in one lease. We strongly recommend that customers use IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of energy storage equipment costs in the first year of equipment use.

Energy storage system

According to Chip Palombini, director of energy storage at Dynapower, “Energy storage is an increasingly valuable tool for many commercial and industrial facilities, reducing electricity bills, reducing carbon footprint, and providing critical backup power when grid power is interrupted.” “Usually, installation The upfront cost of the system is an obstacle for companies that want to deploy energy storage in their facilities. We want to eliminate this barrier, so we work with LCA to provide easier energy storage financing for commercial and industrial facility owners.”

A recent NREL study showed that by deploying battery storage to manage peak demand costs, approximately 5 million commercial customers in the United States can save on electricity bills and provide valuable backup power.

According to NREL’s data, these costs can account for 30% to 70% of the customer’s electricity bill. In addition, according to data from energy consultancy E Source, power outages cost US companies $27 billion annually. Many of these interrupts can be avoided by deploying a Dynapower energy storage system.steel c profile manufacturers

“By providing a convenient financing channel for our customers at an affordable price, Dynapower hopes to accelerate the use of energy storage in commercial industrial facilities, save customers money, make their operations more environmentally friendly and more reliable,” says Palmini.