28 Dec

The Risk Factors of the Real Estate (IV)

5.Value analysis

Investors are required to value the current market value of the proposed real estate.

Firstly, we need choose a real estate institution with good brand, good reputation and what with many customers. According to various factors of the house, calculate the market price of the house at a specific time, place, environment, and choose different methods according to the actual situation of the house. The last is considering several different results to get a market price, The price that best reflects the true value of real estate. Real estate trading investment earns future income. When investing in a real estate, it is especially important to predict the future market price trend. square steel pipes

  1. Analysis of supply and demand in the real estate market

Most of the real estate investment is invested when the market is in short supply. If the market is oversupply, investors should be extra careful. At this time, we must consider two aspects: Firstly, the price is very low, and the room for appreciation will be large in the future; the second is to make long-term investment, otherwise it will be easily trapped and will not be solved in the short term. In the analysis of real estate sales investment, the following market supply and demand changes should be considered.